One of the most famous, popular and common varieties of Thai massage is certainly a traditional Thai massage. And the most difficult, if you compare the work of several artists, you’ll notice that not only the style and movement sequences are very different, but also the power and time of exposure, too. It depends on the individual “handwriting” master, massage school in which he studied master course and experience allows to transform knowledge into a unique style. The duration of treatment starts from 40 minutes and the client can continue to 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Traditional Thai massage is the effect on the whole body starting from the lower extremities and ending neck and head area. During the massage, the therapist gradually kneads muscles of the body, if it finds the problem areas, the additional impact on them. At the same time, the combination of pushing and pulling has a tonic effect on the body, improves circulation, relieves muscle stiffness. After the massage increases the overall body tone, fade stiffness, improving the blood circulation of muscles and organs.

In our salon traditional Thai massage is one of the main types of massage, our masters will not only make you a massage, but also prompt problem areas for which it is necessary to pay attention (of course if there is such a place). Traditional Thai massage has a number of limitations related to the health visitor, but these limitations we shall give a separate item, as they are common to all types of massage. Come and experience the atmosphere of the South-East Asia, it is not only a positive effect on your physical condition, but also improve mental attitude. We are making a real Thai massage, better than in Thailand, come and see.